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Most Remarkable Games for PS4

Aside from the upcoming PlayStation 4, the PS4 video games also receive the same anticipation from gaming fanatics. What games to play? And what they look like? Here’s a line-up of the best games for the upcoming gaming console.

Last of Us – A horror survival action-adventure game made exclusively for PlayStation. The upcoming game is about Ellie and Joel fighting for survival amidst the city of infected human-eating-humans. Will they survive the apocalypse? Or will they be one of those humanoid creatures whose sole aim is to spread the odd infection? Let us all soon find out.

Knack – “Knack” showed off the graphical qualities of PS4 and its ability to control several objects on the screen at once. This game is all about the adventures of Knack, a robot-like character with extraordinary ability of summoning objects to change its shape. The animatronics looks like from Dreamworks or Pixar, but the gameplay is more like with “Jak and Daxter” title.

Grand Theft Auto V – It has been 5 years since Grand Theft Auto IV was released. And on the last quarter of 2013, the newest series of GTA will be launched. GTA V will be played by three main characters. Based on its trailer, the mood of the game seems a bit comedic than the previous series, but, for sure, we’ll still witness the tragic defeat of at least one of the three star criminals in the game.

Watch Dogs – “Watch Dogs” was first seen at last year’s E3, but still with unclear console functionality – until last month. Set in the game’s version of Chicago, the action game lets you play rogue vigilante’s role who hacks computer systems to trace down and exterminate criminals.