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  1. Keeping Cadence Singapore Charity News

    Keeping Cadence focuses our site on news relating to charity and military aid for those who are serving in the Middle East. The Middle East conflict is a complicated one, and sewing for charity is one of the few ways whereby concerned parties show their love for those serving. Our site is listed on foi directory charity category. Sewing quilts for those serving as vets in the VA hospitals is one way of showing that they care. Not only do we care about the citizens there, we also care for our fellow soldiers, life can be tough out there without entertainment. Bob has been a kind person who have agreed to give out free guitar scales theory book for soldiers there who like to play the guitar during their rest times. There are many things we do to help the poor and the soliders in the war. Many people have been affected and poverty is on the rise. Now that the war has ended there is a lot of rebuild and development work to be done in the cities and villages. We would also like to thank our friends for donating to us log splitter machines which helps split up logs at a much faster rate to speed up the materials needed for the rebuild of homes. It is also important for us to understand how the Iraq conflict came about in the first place, so we can continue to provide information about military aid. We would like to thank blogger templates designers for giving our blog website a facelift. This blog will be sharing news of the war that took place. Saddam Hussein was a dictator who invaded Kuwait. The US then intervened, all in 2000. After the 911 incident in 2000, it showed the vulnerability of the US, and rocked US to its core. But a pharmacy technician provider has seen how the industry soared instead as more and more people are in need of medication and fast relieve in this war. Meanwhile, Osama gained connection to Saddam Hussein for nuclear weapons. Some of these news were privately discussed by social groups from myspace who uses a myspace proxy to discuss such topics with anonymity. Saddam Hussein wished oil, as a result of their nation’s present lifestyle was a spinoff of oil.

    As developed international locations need oil to maintain their life-style, and stay ahead in competitors in addition to proceed to construct infrastructure. We have had sharing from pregnancy miracle author Lisa who is keep on helping the women there rebuild their family by various unique reproduction techniques. Some married couples from Singapore who bought a wedding dress in Singapore bridal boutiques has given some of their clothes to ladies over there to aid the citizens’ weddings. Due to the expensive cost of all these events, people have turned to popular and well sought after from companies that are very well established and trusted which provides services that can help them get through these tough times. With these events, we are very glad to share that practioners from Singapore who perform lasik surgery have been a great help to people who have almost lost their eyesight there. We are also very pleased to say that a great series of templates from
    premium wordpress themes has also given us some of the proceeds to fund charity organisations with creating their own websites at a much lower cost. Creating countries do not dwell in such a life-style, for example, the Penans in Borneo. Saddam did not want to move backward into the past, hence he clamoured for oil. Generally, the Middle East is poor, because of geographics. Inflexible customs, conservative cultures are demonstrated via honour killings and burkqa, which causes the dearth of investments within the region. George Bush then elevated level of alarm in individuals, particularly after 911.

    In June thirtieth 2009, American troops withdrew from 15 cities in Iraq under the Status of Forces Agreement. US has pledged to take away all combat troops from Iraq by next August, leaving 50,000 troops to advise and help the Iraqis. These news have been widely reported in directory listing as a source of credible information. It is a crucial step forward as a sovereign and united Iraq continues to take management of its personal destiny. A flagship store has been opened serving nationals with flags for sale online that can be purchased to once again celebrate the rebuilding of the country. However there are fears of returning to a police state, and human-rights violations are rising. Babies reproduction has been at an all time low and baby shower events are no longer popular due to the perilous times. There have been experiences of local safety forces resorting to bodily harm and torture. The death penalty was re-imposed, a latest report by Amnesty Worldwide claims that more than one thousand Iraqis face execution. The Baghdad police re-imposed a nightly curfew making it easier for the police to crack down on political dissidents. On the surface, Iraq does seem to have the power to defend itself. Lots of loans were not approved by banks so others has been supplying loans to home owners who need quick cash to rebuild. Iraqi safety forces have reached a total of 663,000.

    This is set to develop further, with Iraq’s funds providing for security forces totalling 720,000. Security forces thus have the manpower and monetary backing to begin taking on the duty of sustaining law and order in Iraqi cities. Entertainment sound producer sonic producer has taken the first initiative to come up with some form of quick entertainment to bring back some luxury lifestyle at very small costs for the citizens there. Soldiers that were sent were allowed laptops to communicate to their loved ones, local entertainment tv shows allows users to watch tv to pass by some time with futurama comedy. Good is delineated by respect for one another’s rights. The British government estimated that 70 percent of the terror plots it has uncovered prior to the current decade can be traced back to Pakistan. Experts from UK insurance companies have mentioned that there may be a increase surge of misled sold insurance packages that will in turn increase the onsurge of ppi claims where many are concerned. There was a spike of alleged terrorist plots in US. Law enforcement officers have nabbed impartial plotters in places like Texas and Illinois, a Qaeda-trained individual in Denver, an American concerned in the horrific assaults in Mumbai, and now, a younger man who planned mass killings in Occasions Square. These incidents have been widely recorded with the usage of iphones that users have used to securely send data using softwares like professional transmitting softwares that can easily bypass firewall to share data in the network. The incidents could appear episodic and detached, but it surely makes extra sense if we perceive them as offshoots of a revolution that Al Qaeda aimed to inspire at its inception 20 years ago. Like communism throughout the Cold Conflict, this is an ideology to be contained, not defeated. Al Qaeda desires to unfold its revolutionary ideology so the pressure will increase everywhere. What was once a reasonably centralized, energetic terror organization is now more important as an inspiration and a movement. There have been many instances of military aid for the soldiers serving in Iraq. Not all the soldiers have come back yet, and we will continue to report on the advances in charity organizations seeking to help these soldiers live a better life while serving in the Middle East.

  2. Getting to Know the World’s Most Powerful People

    You should know the world’s most powerful people not to envy them but to draw inspiration from their works and actions. These people use their power and influence to change the world. They started like ordinary people like you but their drive to change the world prevailed therefore becoming the best in their field. You should take a look at the world’s most powerful people provided by Forbes.

    Barack Obama

    Barack Obama is the 44th and incumbent president of the United States of America. He is an inspiration because he is the first African American to hold the highest office. He was first a community organizer in Chicago before acquiring his law degree. After finishing law school, he decided to be a civil rights attorney in Chicago.

    Angela Merkel

    Men and women admire Angela Merkel because she is the first woman to be the Chancellor of Germany and leader of the Christian Democratic Union. She was appointed Germany’s Chancellor last 2005 up to the present.

    Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia (2000-present). He was Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB but retired to pursue politics. He was appointed Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 after becoming the president.

    Bill Gates

    Bill Gates founded Microsoft together with Paul Allen. Aside from being a founder, he is a business mogul, inventor, programmer, philanthropist and one of the wealthiest men in the world.

    Pope Benedict XVI

    The birth name of Pope Benedict XVI is Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger. He became pope following Pope John Paul’s death last 2005. He is now considered as the Pope Emeritus of the Catholic Church after announcing his resignation last February 2013. He was followed by Pope Francis.

  3. Feng Shui: Harmony in Everything

    Feng Shui is a Chinese art that seeks to balance and harmonize the environment for good health, wealth and relationship. Feng Shui practitioners strongly believe that there is a greater force beyond our reach that completes everything in life depending on the environment or the position of things. You should know the basics of Feng Shui so you will know what to do and you will appreciate the art. Here are some things you need to know about Feng Shui:


    In Feng Shui, every living thing has Chi. Chi is an indiscernible energy flow present in your surroundings. Feng Shui seeks to control the energy flow so it can bring good things in the family. Chi can carry good vibes or negative things. Feng Shui experts will fend off negative things by arranging the environment so that only good vibes exist in your living space.

    Yin and Yang

    Yin and Yang is a famous icon. Yin and Yang means balance and harmony. It is used to describe how two opposite things come together to create something good. Yin is usually related to darkness, earth and female while Yang symbolizes brightness, heavens and male. If these two opposing things come together, it is believed that good things will happen in the family. Yin and Yang dwell in many things around you like shapes and colours. Failure to balance them will cause misfortune.


    You can consider Feng Shui as your guide but never consider it as something that will dictate your life and your future. Remember that no matter how you arrange or organize things, if you are not doing something to improve your life, you cannot reach far.

  4. Most Remarkable Games for PS4

    Aside from the upcoming PlayStation 4, the PS4 video games also receive the same anticipation from gaming fanatics. What games to play? And what they look like? Here’s a line-up of the best games for the upcoming gaming console.

    Last of Us – A horror survival action-adventure game made exclusively for PlayStation. The upcoming game is about Ellie and Joel fighting for survival amidst the city of infected human-eating-humans. Will they survive the apocalypse? Or will they be one of those humanoid creatures whose sole aim is to spread the odd infection? Let us all soon find out.

    Knack – “Knack” showed off the graphical qualities of PS4 and its ability to control several objects on the screen at once. This game is all about the adventures of Knack, a robot-like character with extraordinary ability of summoning objects to change its shape. The animatronics looks like from Dreamworks or Pixar, but the gameplay is more like with “Jak and Daxter” title.

    Grand Theft Auto V – It has been 5 years since Grand Theft Auto IV was released. And on the last quarter of 2013, the newest series of GTA will be launched. GTA V will be played by three main characters. Based on its trailer, the mood of the game seems a bit comedic than the previous series, but, for sure, we’ll still witness the tragic defeat of at least one of the three star criminals in the game.

    Watch Dogs – “Watch Dogs” was first seen at last year’s E3, but still with unclear console functionality – until last month. Set in the game’s version of Chicago, the action game lets you play rogue vigilante’s role who hacks computer systems to trace down and exterminate criminals.

  5. 5 Ways to Get Your Business in Good Condition

    Just as we would do a lot of things to keep ourselves healthy such as eating nutritious food and going to the doctor, we should also take necessary steps to keep our business in good condition.

    Yearly Check-up

    Evaluate your business and all its aspects: your business partners, employees, customers, products and services. If you notice some deficiencies, address them accordingly.  Use benchmarks in checking your company’s performance. Do know that employees and customers tend to be silent before leaving. Make sure that you do something to reach out and express your gratitude to people behind the success of your business.

    Budget and Expenses

    We all have admitted the fact that without money, a business cannot go running. Check to see if you revenues are concentrated to only a few customers. Perhaps you can do something to boost your sales. Evaluate your marketing and advertising expenses, and make sure you are gaining more than what you have invested in them.

    Quality Time for Everybody

    You and your employees have been working for at least 40 hours every week. No matter how busy you can get, you and your employees have your own personal lives that should never be taken for granted. All of us need quality time alone or with our loved ones to relax, rejuvenate and reenergize so as to keep our sanity.

    Unhealthy Habits

    In your evaluation of your company, think of unhealthy habits your company is still doing despite the fact that they no longer benefit you. Examples are meetings you usually do that would take long hours or reports that just go unread. Do something to change or avoid those sorts of unhealthy business habits.

    Business Resolutions

    Always stick to your business resolutions. Hire a business coach or create an advisory council. Make sure that you encourage every person in your company to carry out your resolutions to become a better company.

  6. Singapore Web Hosting Bandwidth is Expensive

    What if someone interested in what you are selling trying to reach but finds himself unable to get to your URL just because your web host is not reliable and is not able to guarantee 99% uptime for your website.

    Bandwidth requirement is very important as bandwidth is expensive in Singapore datacenters. The more your site becomes popular, the higher is the number of Singapore customers you begin to receive and the more you need shared web hosting. Higher customer means you require more bandwidth from your web host. If he says that your site needs to be pulled off his server, you can suffer from incalculable loss of reputation and business from your customers in a short time period. Thus instead of going in for the cheapest plan, it is better to ensure that your webhost is able to provide the bandwidth that your website requires when it becomes popular. Even in shared Singapore web hosting plans, there are some that provide unlimited bandwidth albeit at higher cost per month. This can sound great but anyone with the right mind would know that that is a hard tale to believe in.

    If you keep in mind your requirements rather than just focusing on cost aspect, you will find that you get more that you are being made to pay rather than paying less and repenting for want of features. So when you purchase a Singapore based web hosting service, be mindful of the company’s age history. There are many firms selling cheap hosting but not all provide good quality service.

  7. Singapore Accounting Software Good for Charities

    There is no need to worry if you think you know nothing about accounting. There are many free to use accounting software for people in Singapore especially good for charity organisations though they are stripped down, basic versions and you may have to pay a fee once you learn how to make use of free software to be able to use more advanced features. Even if you do not have diverse investments in various schemes, you must use personal accounting software to make a good budget to have a portion of your income saved to earn more money for you.

    There is one more use of accounting software and that is help in filing income tax. If you make entry of all your income and expenditure in the accounting software singapore, you can easily arrive at the amount of income tax you need to file without hiring the services of a professional. Accounting software from Singapore software resellers are good for charities to keep track of all your income and your expenditure. A simple analysis of this money will help you to know the kind of expenditure that is adding to your debt and make you aware of the need to make a change in your spending habits. You will come to know wasteful expenditure that you have been incurring so that you make necessary changes and be able to save more.

  8. Singapore’s Rapid GDP Growth

    Due to this rapid growth, Singapore could handle the recession in 2008 much better than other countries. In 2009-10 Singapore economy grew at the rate of 13 to 15 percent for some time. Singapore became one of the most popular countries for investments. Singapore soon had highest numbers of millionaires across the world. With the rapid growth in entrepreneurs its economic growth reached in the first half to around 15 percent in 2010. Due its strong economy Singapore is seen as the first place for establishing a business. Singapore reached to the first place in the area of manufacturing. The growth of manufacturing sector reached almost 45.2 percent year on year basis in the second quarter of 2010 whereas in the last quarter of 2010 it reached to almost 26 percentages.

    According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore; the growth in 2011 will reach to 5 to 7 percent. If you look at the first quarter of the year 2011, the growth of Singapore economy reached to around 8.3 percentages with respect to the last year. The manufacturing sector recorded a growth of 13.1 percentages on a year on year basis. Electronics and biomedical products manufacturing were the most significant part of this growth. The Ministry of trade and industries reported impressive growth in almost all sectors of economy in the first half of year 2011.

    In second half of year 2011, most of the developed economies showed signs of growth. This will increase demand so, the Ministry and Industry Trade expects good growth in second half of year 2011. So it has improved the forecast for the economic growth of Singapore to 5 to 7 percent.